5 ways to show off your pretty socks

Everyone repeat after me: I am no longer afraid of apparent socks. Polka dots, sporty lines, glitter and frills… Here are five ways to show your funky socks to the world!

Get ready to give your sock drawer a makeover: your socks can now behave like real accessories. Say goodbye to black socks and mismatched laundry day pairs (yeah yeah, the evil sock elves steal single socks from your washer, we know): from now on, dig out your prettiest funky socks !

Polka dots, glitter, frills, stripes, prints, messages… get ready to become the queen of the shoes + apparent socks combo!


1) The gentle rocker

Are you of the badass category but would never say no to a bit of cuteness or a funny message? You can count on laced ankle boots such as Dr.Martens or nice and rebellious biker boots: with quirky socks, they’ll create a pretty contrast between your rocker shoes and cute little socks.

Flowers, little hearts, stars, smiley faces, funny messages… The more masculine the shoes, the more regressive and decadent can the sock be: hardcore, yes, but not too much thank you.

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2) The chic sporty chic

“Wait, you want us to wear football socks with trainers? Have you lost your mind???”: relaaax, no one asked to dig out your fluo coloured knee highs and your cleats to embrace the trend. No one looks good with those apart from David Beckham maybe.

To subtly echo the athleisure trend, slip on your white trainers and some striped or logo socks: with a pair of jeans remember to roll up the hem so as to avoid looking like a grandpa. With a pair of shorts, you can have some fun with slightly higher socks for that Rihanna-esque look.


Oh, and change shoes if you’re actually going to play football: the idea is not to walk around in mud stained trainers!

3) The preppy schoolgirl

It’s back to school with the preppy trend: patent derbies and frilled or glitter socks, there’s a perfect school girl uniform! First step: choose some oxfords, brogues or loafers rather than babies or T-straps which will give too much of a childish look/

Forget the skater dress, the university blazer, the long braids and the satchel bag: you’re not in an episode of Gossip Girl. We would rather recommend wearing your shoes with cropped trousers or a printed skirt, a shirt and a pair of jeans and a long coat, which will give you a preppy-with-a-touch-of-rock look.

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4) The retro romantic

For that retro babydoll look, you can count on T-straps and clogs. Feminine and vintage, they just make you travel in time: 50s for the first ones, 70s for the second. To dress them up a bit, dig out your prettiest frilled, dotted, or little hearted socks… Or all three: the cuter the better! High socks will also do wonders for that “sexy student” look.

You can also wear your cute socks with block heel pumps or heeled babies: add a straight dress or a shirt tucked in a skirt and – job done!


5) The childhood sock

Last option with socks: the childhood nostalgia. Frills, sequins, glitter, youthful prints… You can go all out with the funny sock as long as you totally own it. If you’re going to tug on your trousers as day long because you can’t live up to your Hello Kitty socks, there’s no point in trying.


With youthful sandals like flat babies, beach sandals, trainers, or heeled sandals, honour the 90s and Pop culture as you should!

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