Your guide to socks

Socks! we all wear them but how many of us really put much thought in to them? Check out our guide on what socks you be wearing!

First impressions are essential to your every day life. You want to look your best all the time! So many of us wear high quality outfits but don’t wear good quality socks. It lets down the overall strength of your presentation. A lot of people don’t really consider there needs when it comes to socks. Why would you buy expensive shoes but wear cheap rubbish socks?


Socks aren’t just black or white these days either! The days where socks match your trousers were the only problem are gone! Socks provide health benefits to us as well, they prevent our feet from ruining our shoes due to sweat. Choosing what socks

The General Rules of Socks

  • No thin socks for athletic shoes.
  • If you aren’t too sure about what socks to choose just wear black.
  • Make sure socks match each other! don’t wear odd socks. Obviously don’t wear socks with holes in them either!
  • Remember you need to make sure socks fit your foot well so they don’t sag around your ankles.
  • Get a good pair of socks! Better quality socks don’t just absorb the sweat. They distribute the swear to the outer surface.
  • The sock should act as a cushion for your foot. It prevents the skin from rubbing against in the inside of the shoe too.

Lengths of Socks

Take sock length into consideration when you choose your outfit. Don’t wear long socks that go up to your calve with shorts. You can get no show socks or invisible socks. They provide you with the benefits of having socks but mean you don’t need to show them! This can be great for Vans or Converse. Mid-calf and over the calf length socks can be worn for under your jeans. Check out this guide.

Material of Socks

  • Cotton socks are absorbent, they’re great for keeping sweat off the skin but they don’t let the wetness evaporate quickly enough.
  • Wool breathes easily and they let wetness evaporate quicker. They’re also warmer but don’t have the specific wicking properties like polyester and nylon.
  • Synthetics such as polyester and nylon have wicking properties. They don’t provide much cushioning for the foot though!

Size of Socks

Sock sizes aren’t like shoe sizes! Usually socks are scaled from XS to XXXL and most medium sized socks will fit a size 10.5 uk shoe. Ensure you check the proper sizes of your socks before you buy them!

To find out what type of socks you should wear for specific outfits head on over to The Idle Man.

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